Choose Your Branding Method (Imprint Options)
Every product has varying logo imprint options and imprint areas. Some products can be printed on both sides while others are 1-sided. Certain imprint options (like laser engraving and heat stamping) are only available on select models. Please check an individual product page to view the imprint options/areas available for a specific model.

Below are sample images of the various imprint options we used to customize our products. Please check each individual product page to determine which imprint option below is available for the product you are interested in.

1-4 Color Imprint
Color Imprinting (Multi-Color)
- Works with most products
- Print one or more solid colors (including white, black, grey)
- Our most popular option
Multi-Color Process Imprint
Color Imprinting (Multi-Color Process)
- Works with most products
- Required for graphics with gradients and blending
- Looks best on light-colored products (white, silver, etc.)
Laser Engraving
Laser Engraving
- Works with metal surfaces only (different metals yield different results)
- Produces sharp, polished results
- Most durable (long-lasting) option
- Colorized laser options also available on some metal-surfaced models
Heat Stamping
Hot Stamping
- Available on select few products only (Eastwood, Leatherman, Luxe)
- Produces an impression of the graphic into product’s surface
- No color is added or changed to the product’s surface
Full Color Faceplate Imprint
Logo Shield Printing
- Available on select few products only (Slider, Pocker Jr.)
- Imprint is protected by a clear plastic dome for durability
- Logos with gradients and fades may incur additional costs
- Available on Sentinel, Charm model only
- Logo illuminates when plugged in; invisible when unplugged
- LED colors available: blue, red, green, orange, white
- Imprint is protected by a clear plastic dome for durability

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